Recently, in 2012, there was printed a historical book "Descendants about ancestors of Prince Kourakin" in two parts.
   This work, composed by F.Kalinin and I. Sobennikoff, devoted to grandfather of Feodor Kalinin (Bernard) (1920-2011) - Prince Feodor Alekseevich Kourakin (1842-1914) and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his death.
   The book uses archival materials of descendants of nobles Kourakin and Golovnin: Feodor Bernad-Kalinin (1920-2011), great-grandson of Prince Feodor Kourakin, Tatiana Savelyeva, great-granddaughter of Prince Feodor Kourakin, Tatiana Bernard-Toroella, great-granddaughter of Prince Feodor Kourakin, academic historian Dimitriy Woolf (1913-2008).
   The book covers not only the activities of representatives of Prince Kourakin family tree, but also questions of education in princely families Kourakin. Also, birthplace and final resting place of each person on the family tree book by Feodor A. Kourakin; property owned by Princes Kourakin and some of their descendants in different times; also here we have listed churches, built by the Prince Kourakin' family in Russia and abroad, and much more.
   The new published book covers a thousand-year period of Russian history and examines consanguinity prince in a straight line for all generations, beginning from the Duke of Lithuania Gediminas.
   All materials are illustrated by portraits, documents from the family descendants of the prince and princess, photographs, diaries and illustrations on the theme.

Prince Kourakin Feodor (Russia).

A descendant of the Lithuanian Duke Gediminas.

Life: April 18, 1842 - January 6/19, 1914.

Father: Prince Alexei Borisovich Kourakin.

Mother: Princess Julia F. Kourakin (nee Princess Golitsyn).

Wife: Sofia Vladimirovna Mokievsky, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel V. Mokievsky. Was married to the Prince in the spring 1884 and it was first marriage for both. Her name was added to noble prince’s Kourakins book since 1897.

Prince’s Kourakin Children were born by his future wife before marriage: Valentine, Mary, Sophia, Olga.

There is autograph of Prince Feodor Kourakin in the book and a few obituaries of 1914.

Chapter overview:
    What about: The purpose of this work: to introduce the reader to the extent possible, with the personality of Prince Fedor Alekseevich Kourakin publisher Archives of their own ancestors called "Archive book of Prince F.A. Kourakin" in late XIX-early XX century.
    Guided by the desire to convey to the public some interesting and unknown facts of life hitherto book. Fedor Alekseevich Kourakin and thus improve and supplement existing information about him. In particular, to dispel the myth about his childlessness.
    It turned out that in addition to the original documents relating to birth, wedding of Prince Fedor Alekseevich, preserved in the memory of his descendants and some oral memories, had heard of his grandchildren. Found the diaries of one of the daughters, who, though not our purpose to keep some information about the past, but indirectly touched the memories of the last days of his father, Prince Fedor Alekseevich. In addition, there are also quite a lot of home albums of photos that are not fully here, not to mention some of the things of Kourakin's home.
    Speaking of the Prince Fedor Alekseevich, had to say a few words about his family, where he was born. Then the parents of parents and, thus, came to the very origins - early family tree Kourakins, this by itself and, once hanging in their house, that is, the estate-Kourakin Nadezhdino Saratov region. In the process, revealed a mass of interesting things related to ancestors of the Prince, which had not been published, the emphasis was placed not only on their political career, but on the character of these people, their relationships to each other, at their place of residence, property, which was possessed in life, as well as disposal.
    In general, the data relate to the direct ancestors of Prince Fedor Alekseevich, but because of the brightness of certain individuals in parallel lines, in the form of an uncle, aunts, brothers, sisters, had to say a few words about some of them.
    Of course, to be able to correctly describe the people who shared with us a hundred, or even decades, nobody can. So, naturally, there are generation after generation, as we see these people, and perhaps as we would like them to be.
    Sometimes come across material that disappointing, most often, perhaps, those that help to understand the mind and motives of their behavior. After all, does not open until at least partially spiritual essence of man, you can not imagine the man himself. A set of activity data, dates, titles - all only a superficial knowledge of the individual. That is why, writing, and especially blogs, quotes, found and inserted people is unconditional "wealth" in connection with any investigation.
    The book and materials it collected, in any case do not claim absolute accuracy of all dates, and the possibility of some kind of defects in the transmission is not entirely complete or accurate facts. Although they met with the soul and gentle, yet, like all other historical studies, may have a number of inaccuracies, as we had to view many diverse historical literature and perhaps they were not the same. And therefore, any additions, corrections will be accepted with gratitude.

Photo: autor Sobennikova during the presentation of the book "The descendants of the ancestors of Prince Kourakin."

Few more photos from more then hundred not included into the book.

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